Visa information for UK and Irish passport holders

A visa is NOT required for UK or Irish passport holders who wish to enter Japan for a period of six months or less for the following purposes:

Sightseeing, recreation, amateur sports, visiting relatives, inspection tour, participation in unpaid lectures or meetings, study, attending a conference, business contact or other similar activities. Journalists traveling to Japan for a short business trip do not require visas.

On arrival at immigration in Japan, your passport will be stamped for a stay of up to 90 days. This period of stay may be extended for a further 90 days upon application to an immigration office once in Japan, but approval is at their discretion.

On entry to Japan travellers should possess a fixed-date, confirmed return or onward journey ticket, and any supporting documents which can serve as evidence of the purpose of the trip (such as conference details, details of the host organisation etc). Furthermore, travellers may be asked to show evidence of sufficient funds for the proposed period of stay in the country.

Please note that the above information does not apply to holders of British Subject, British National Overseas, British Overseas Citizen or British Travel Documents. Holders of such passports must obtain a visa prior to travel and should contact us for visa information.

Phone: 0131-225-4777 (Press 2 for English guidance then press 1 for Visa Section)

A visa is required if your purpose of travel is long term residence, long term study, volunteer activities, as a practicing attorney or for employment or other remunerative activities.

Please note that overstaying your visa is a serious offence. Should you overstay your visa then you will be deported and may experience difficulty re-entering Japan.