Report: Lecture and workshop provided by Professor Takamatsu

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On the Tuesday the 4th of September, Professor Akiko Takamatsu was invited by The Japanese Studies Department at Edinburgh University to give a lecture and workshop.

Entitled, ‘Is Music a Universal Language?’ Professor Takamatsu provided three examples of music from across the world. This prompted discussion on some of the unique concepts that can be found within global music.
Following the lecture, Professor Takamatsu gave a workshop on the ‘Mukkuri’ a mouth harp used by the Ainu, the indigenous people of Hokkaido in northern Japan. Everyone who attended received their own Mukkuri, and thanks to Professor Takamatsu’s guidance everyone was able to play the instrument by the end of the workshop.

This event was a rare opportunity to experience an authentic part of Ainu culture and to challenge our own perceptions of global music.