JET Programme Returnee Reception 2017 - Report

On October 27th, a reception was held at the Consul General’s residence to celebrate those who returned from the JET program this summer, and to wish for their future success.
As well as the JET returnees, participants included representatives from Edinburgh City Council, the Japan Society of Scotland, the JET Alumni Association and Japanese businesses in Scotland.
After Consul General Matsunaga’s opening greetings, Edinburgh City Councillor Dr. Amy McNeese-Mechan and the Japan Society of Scotland treasurer Mr. Callum Farquhar gave their own warm words of welcome to the JETs. Dr. Amy McNeese-Mechan is an ex-Jet who participated in the JET program in its first year, and she spoke to the guests about her own experiences.
The returnee JETs also talked about their experiences in Japan and their hopes for the future, and enjoyed sharing their stories with each other at the reception.