Employment/Student/Long Term Stay

Applicants wishing to work, study, or live in Japan should in principle first obtain a Certificate of Eligibility. For detailed information, please see the Ministry of Foreign Affairs website.The Certificate of Eligibility is issued by the Ministry of Justice in Japan. To obtain a Certificate of Eligibility, the applicant must ask a sponsor in Japan (an employer, spouse, school, etc.) to contact the local immigration office and make an application on their behalf. The application must be made by a sponsor in Japan.
Once a Certificate of Eligibility has been obtained, the applicant must make a visa application at the Consulate with the following documents.

     1. Valid passport
     2. One completed and signed visa application form
     3. One passport sized photograph (taken within the last 6 months)
     4. Original Certificate of Eligibility (Please note that the Certificate of Eligibility expires after 3 months of the issue date.)
     5. One photocopy of Certificate of Eligibility

The visa fee is applicable on collection of passport.
Please see General Information for application procedures.

Note: Visa applications for entertainers

Applicants who obtained a Certificate of Eligibility as an entertainer may arrange for their representatives to make the application. Please contact the Visa Section for further information prior to visiting the Consulate.

Visa Section contact details

Tel: 0131 225 4777 (Please listen to the automated English guidance and then select option 1.)