“Washi: Umi O Koete, Paper From Across the Sea” opening reception in Glasgow

Last year the exhibition “Washi: Umi O Koete, Paper From Across the Sea” was held at the Bill Scott Sculpture Centre in Edinburgh. Now the exhibition is to open in Glasgow at the Glasgow Print Studio (Trongate 103, Glasgow, G1 5HD).The exhibition features prints of Scottish scenes and other themes by artists from Edinburgh and Fife. The images are printed on washi (Japanese paper), which was created by papermakers from Mino City, Gifu Prefecture, Japan.
The opening will be held on 8th March at 6pm, and the exhibition will be open to the public from 2nd-30th March (excluding Sundays). This exhibition is an excellent chance to get a closer look at the properties of washi.
To reserve a ticket to the opening, please email shiela.carnduff@gmail.com
For more details, please click the link below.

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