Visit from Hagi City

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On Wednesday 25th of July the Mayor of Hagi City, in Yamaguchi Prefecture, Mr Kenji Fujimichi, accompanied by staff members and residents of the city, paid a courtesy call to the Consulate General of Japan in Edinburgh.

Much of the foundation on which Japan’s development and production was built  is thought to be owed to the work of Yōzō Yamao.  Yōzō was one of the five members of a group of feudal retainers (the “Chōshū five”) from what is now Hagi city (Formally the Chōshū Domain), that were dispatched to the United Kingdom. In the city of Glasgow, Yōzō studied modern engineering, and in particular shipbuilding.

As part commemorating 150 years since the Meiji Restoration, these visits to Scottish cities such as Edinburgh, Glasgow and Aberdeen, were designed to promote the great achievements of Yōzō Yamao.  Moreover, the visits also allows Yōzō Yamao’s footprints to be retraced from the perspective of residents of from the same area.

Hagi City’s deep cultural ties with the United Kingdom are set to continue as it has been chosen as the Host Town for the UK for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic games.