Fringe Performance by KASO JOGI

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KASO JOGI, the group participating for the second time in the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, visited the Consulate on August 3rd.
The performance by "KASO JOGI"  runs until 11th August and takes place at Venue 34, C venues – C, Chambers Street, EH1 1HR.
Please find more details here:
"KASO JOGI" is composed of diverse members such as musicians, painters, illustrators, designers, translators, producers, video artists, including Saori Aoki, screenwriter / director and Makoto Honda, composer and music director. The performance involves lots of improvisation.
The performance is entitled "GATE", in which the group expresses the gates we face in this world and the beyond, as an enjoyable story.  It makes us ponder what people think and find when we go through these gates.
If you’re looking for a show to go and see, we hope you have the opportunity to go along and experience it!