Fringe Performance by The Japanese Dance with Hoppy Kamiyama!

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The Japanese traditional dancer Kashichiro visited the Consulate General lof Japan in Edinburgh on 7th August.
Kashichiro is making his Fringe debut with a Japanese show "the Japanese Dance with Hoppy Kamiyama", a collaboration of Japanese traditional dance with unique electric music. This performance runs until 11th August and takes place at Venue 231, Greenside at Royal Terrace, 1b Royal Terrace, EH7 5AB.
Please find more details here:
Kashichiro and legendary musician Hoppy Kamiyama show the perfect collaboration of Japanese dance influenced by Noh, Kyogen and Kabuki with digital music by .
The performance is a must-see and a rare opportunity to enjoy Japanese traditional arts with unique music.
If you’re looking for a show to go and see, why not try this one?