Address from Consul General Takaoka: 'Brexit from a Japanese Perspective' lecture at the University of Stirling

Good evening. My name is Nozomu Takaoka, new Japanese Consul General.

I have only been in Edinburgh for 4 months but in this short time, I have visited this University already three times because I truly appreciate the University’s focus upon Japanese studies and exchanges with Japan. Thank you very much for inviting me again here tonight on Valentine’s Day. And thank you for gathering.

In the past four months, kind people in Edinburgh often say to me that I arrived here not at the very best season because of the weather,  but I am enjoying this winter enormously including reciting a part of Tam O’Shanter at the Burns’ Supper held at the Scottish Parliament.
20 volunteers of MSPs and Consul Generals took turn in the recitation and the Presiding Officer, Mr. Ken Macintosh, was so kind to declare that I was the best performer among the 20. My part went like this:

“Nae man can tether time or tide…”
Already three minutes have passed and I have more than 70 slides tonight, so I must hurry.
Pressure is mounting but I have far less of it compared with Prime Minister May facing the 29 March deadline.
“Nae man can tether time or tide. The hour approaches Tam maun ride.” So let me start.