Report: A Lecture and workshop on Kimono

On March 12th, as part of the Japan – UK season of Culture 2019-2020, Glasgow’s Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum held a lecture and workshop on Kimono. The lecture began with an introduction from Major Projects and Research Manager of Glasgow Museums, Mr Martin Bellamy. Afterwards, Dr Saeko Yazaki from the University of Glasgow gave lecture on the historic ties between Glasgow and Japan, the meanings of common patterns and symbols found in Kimono, as well as the various styles and lengths of Kimono that can be found. It was a rare opportunity for many of the attendees to see the kimono displays up-close. Following the lecture, the Tsumami-Zaiku -‘pinch craft’- workshop began. Despite being the first time for all of the attendees, they were all able to make beautiful hand-made decorations from the kimono fabric.