25th Scottish Samurai Awards at Broomhall House (12th May)

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  • A picture is displayed.
On Sunday 12th May, the Order of the Scottish Samurai held their 25th award ceremony at Broomhall House in Dunfermline.

Inspired by the historic contributions made by the famous 19th Century Scotsman, Thomas Blake Glover; Ronnie Watt established the Order of the Scottish Samurai. Every year an award ceremony is held to give recognition towards those who have promoted links between Scotland and Japan, or have made distinguished contributions to their field.

Following an address from the Consul General, guests were presented with their respected awards by Lord Charles Bruce. This year’s 22 awardees included leading figures in Education, history, literature, community and sports.

After the ceremony, there was a guest lecture from Darren Sim ‘the life and Achievements of Alexander Sim’, another Scottish figure who greatly influenced Japan’s development during the Meiji era; The event ended with an Iaido demonstration by Robert Boyd Sensei.