Address from Consul General Takaoka- Opening Reception for Japanese performers at the 2019 Edinburgh Festival Fringe

Ms. Lyndsey Jackson, Deputy Chief Executive of the Fringe Society,
Mr. Callum Farquhar, the Treasurer of the Japan Society of Scotland,
Ladies and gentleman,

Thank you for joining us in the middle of Edinburgh's busiest month of the year in this gorgeous Scottish summer. My name is Nozomu Takaoka, the Consul General of Japan in Edinburgh.

Actually, this is my first time experiencing the Fringe, but today’s guests should already know that this is the oldest and the largest arts festival of its kind, offering opportunities for any hopeful artists coming from all over the world with brave heart and ambition determined to demonstrate their performance to this well-seasoned aesthetically demanding audience.

My American colleague told me that she recognizes as many as 250 performers participating in the Fringe from the United States. The number of the Japanese participants is one twentieth of that this year but I am glad to learn that in recent years the number is on the rise.
Therefore, I would like to thank Anne Dick for encouraging Japanese hopeful participants to join the Fringe and suggesting me this very good idea to host a reception to cheer them up.

Confessing the lack of my ability to properly understand and appreciate these imaginative and innovative performers, I would just like to introduce their names on this list, so that their possible audience can check what they are doing at the box office, on the Fringe website, or ask direct questions to them in person.

Therefore, please let us see where those Japanese performers are by raising your hands if you are here with us today, and at the same time making comments or propaganda about your performance with one or two sentences if you wish, OK? So, I will call you in alphabetical order.
Akiko Okamoto, Chisato Mimura, Japanese Sweet Wasabi, KabukiMa, Markus Guhe, Mio Shudo, Ollie Horn, Sushi Tap Do, Yuriko Kotani, and lastly, Zeroko.

Thank you coming from Japan all the way. I hope you will do your best.
Thank you all very much, Good Luck and please enjoy sake.