Inaugural greeting from Consul General Mr Tadashi Fujiwara

It is a pleasure to announce that I, Tadashi Fujiwara, assumed the post as Consul General of Japan in Edinburgh on 9th November 2021. I look forward to serving all the residents of Scotland and Northern England under the jurisdiction of the Consulate-General of Japan in Edinburgh.
While this is my first posting to the UK, I have spent 4 years working in the British Commonwealth member, New Zealand. Additionally, I have spent three years abroad in Nepal in South Asia, as well as four years in Kuwait in the Middle East. I am honoured and delighted that my first European posting, will be spent here in Edinburgh as its Consul General.
The global outbreak of the coronavirus (Covid-19) has been devastating, and even here in Scotland, the virus’ presence can still be felt. Despite this, progress is being seen in the vaccination programme, as well as signs of economic recovery. As this situation continues to develop, we hope that you will keep an eye on our website for useful and timely information.
Scotland and Northern England have had close links with Japan since as far back as the Meiji era. At that time, Japan learned many skills from the UK, including railways, telegraphs, lighthouses and mining.
Today, the relationship continues to flourish. While of course Scottish Whisky is eminent in Japan; in recent years, with its high reputation, Scottish salmon is also sold in Japan, making it more accessible to consumers. Equally, a number of Japanese companies make important contributions to the Scottish Economy, particularly in the automotive, electrical, semiconductor and life science sectors.
The UK-Japan Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement, which came into force at the beginning of 2021, was the first trade agreement that the UK signed since leaving the EU. Its decision to select Japan as its first partner is symbolic in its commitment to further deepen the relationship between our two countries, but also a decision that will secure economic benefits for Scotland.
As Consul-General of Japan in Edinburgh, and in collaboration with the Embassy of Japan in the UK, I will do my utmost to not only carry out my duties, but to further improve our support services to help Japanese residents in the UK.
I would like to take this opportunity to wish you all good health and happiness.
Consul General Tadashi Fujiwara