Japanese Cultural Activities Online: The Japanese Garden at Cowden

Although the lockdown measures due to Covid-19 continue, please let us introduce some of the excellent Japanese cultural activities that you can get involved in online.
Have you heard of the Japanese Garden at Cowden Castle?
The Japanese Garden at Cowden is Scotland’s largest Japanese garden. Even though its construction was completed around 100 years ago, it was neglected for a long time and gradually decayed. However, in 2008, management of the garden was handed over to Sara Stewart, who launched a campaign to bring the garden back to life in 2013. Since then the garden has undergone intensive restoration.
While the garden, which has been fully open since the spring of last year, is currently closed, many virtual events are taking place online.
Welcome to the Japanese Garden at Cowden
We hope you can enjoy these fun and exciting activities from the comfort of your home.