Japan Society of Scotland Webinar (22nd June 2020)


On 22 June, the Japan Society of Scotland held their second online webinar with great success. Mr. Callum Farquhar, the Treasurer of the Society, reflected on 30 years of taking Scouts from Scotland to Japan as a volunteer leader and the friendship that has developed between these two countries as a result of this regular cultural exchange.

Thanks to his efforts and incredible organisational skills, thousands of Scouts have been given the opportunity to directly experience Japanese culture through homestays, visits to important historical sites, interactions with local communities, and the participation in national and international Jamborees that have been hosted by Japan. In 2015, Mr. Farquhar enabled 3,000 British Scouts to visit the World Scout Jamboree in Yamaguchi Prefecture and arranged for them to stay with families across the country.

The second part of his illustrated talk focussed on Kamaishi in Iwate Prefecture, a region with which the Scottish Scouts have a particularly strong relationship due to the exchange between Iwate and Blair Atholl that takes place every three years. In the wake of the 2011 Tsunami that devastated the area, the Scottish Scouts raised money to help with the rebuilding efforts and aid the local Japanese Scouts. This mutual support symbolises the bonds of true friendship and solidarity that have grown out of these interactions. Furthermore, Kamaishi hosted the Rugby World Cup last year, which showcases the progress made since the disaster in 2011.