Opening of the Japanese Culture Showcase Event “Japan Sakura at Lauriston Castle” (15th-23rd April 2023)

On Saturday the 16th of April, Consul General Tadashi Fujiwara and Mrs Fujiwara visited the “Japan Sakura at Lauriston Castle” event hosted by Connecting Japanese/Japan SAKURA in Scotland. The event was organised by Connecting Japanese, as Japan SAKURA in Scotland, Japanese community group in Scotland and the North of England, which aims to bring together Japanese people living in the area and provide an opportunity to interact with the local community and connect with Japanese culture.

The Consul General and his wife enjoyed decorating hina dolls, viewing a bonsai display area by the Scottish Bonsai Association, as well as an outdoor yukata experience. They sampled cherry blossom cake and green tea lattes prepared for this event in the adjacent café.

Lauriston Castle, part of Edinburgh Museums & Galleries, has a Japanese garden created to commemorate the friendship agreement between Kyoto Prefecture and the City of Edinburgh, and is filled with cherry blossom trees. This event will run until Sunday 23 April. The cherry blossoms in the Japanese garden against the backdrop of the sea and sky are exceptional. If you have time, why not make a trip to Lauriston Castle?

<For more information on the event, please visit the Connecting Japan website.>