Visit to Mitsubishi Electric Factory in Livingston (27th April 2023)

Deputy Consul General Ishii with Mitsubishi staff.
On Wednesday the 27th of April, Deputy Consul General Minori Ishii visited Mitsubishi Electric’s Livingston factory. The plant, which celebrates its 30th anniversary this year, has steadily increased production and employment (1,855 workers as of April 2023) in spite of the pandemic, manufacturing air conditioning systems that utilise heat pump technology. By extracting heat from the air, this technology transfers it into a home’s heating system.
The heating of homes is the fourth-largest cause of carbon dioxide emissions, and the Scottish Government, which aims to achieve zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2045, has set a target of eliminating fossil fuels from heating in one million homes by 2030. Expectations are growing that heat pump technology as well as other environmentally friendly technologies, will be instrumental in achieving these goals.