Meeting with contemporary artists Yumiko Ono at the Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop (September 26th 2023)

Deputy Consul General Ishii (middle right) with Ono (middle left) and ESW staff
Deputy Consul General Ishii (outer left) with Ono (middle right) and ESW staff
On Tuesday, September 26th, 2023, Deputy Consul General Minori Ishii visited the Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop (ESW) to meet with internationally active, contemporary artist Yumiko Ono and view her current artwork.
Ono is working as a resident artist at ESW as part of the "2019-2022 Scotland/Japan Residence Exchange Programme". Mainly, her works are fictitious buildings drawn on tracing paper, or moulded using non-architectural materials such as porcelain, paper, and textiles.
On the day, Deputy Consul General Ishii observed a large-scale, wooden, architectural work whilst receiving an explanation of the concept behind the work form the artist. She also spoke with both Ono and others about Ono’s artistic journey up to now and her relationship with Scotland.
An exhibition of Yumiko Ono’s work, including the large-scale, wooden piece which can be seen in the photographs, is schedule to be held this November in Edinburgh.