Attendance at the annual Scottish Bonsai Association exhibition (May 26th)

On May 26th, Consul General Tadashi Fujiwara and his wife attended the annual bonsai exhibition sponsored by the Scottish Bonsai Association in Broxburn, on the outskirts of Edinburgh. The association was founded in 1979, and there are currently 7 regional branches and 1 online branch, with each regional branch holding a bonsai class once a month, which is also held online via ZOOM.

On the day, there was an actual bonsai shaping demonstration at the venue, along with a workshop. In addition to the bonsai themselves, there was planting soil from Japan and other bonsai related supplies on sale. Regardless of generation, there were many interested people and it was a great success. Members of the association said that many bonsai fans went to Japan several times a year to buy bonsai, supplies and planting soil, and that all the bonsai related supplies being sold were actually made in Japan. There were many interesting stories, including that the bonsai themselves take around 7 weeks to be shipped from Japan, concerns about the care needed during that time, and that there are many active sculptors in Scotland who specialise in making bonsai pots.

It seems that bonsai have firmly planted their roots in Scotland and are garnering enthusiasm throughout the country.