Participation in Consular Corps in Scotland visit to Edinburgh International Airport (22nd May 2024)

On the 22nd of May, Deputy Consul General Minori Ishii participated in a tour of Edinburgh International Airport by the Consular Corps in Scotland. The tour, which was attended by consul generals, honorary consul generals and consuls from nine countries, began with a briefing by Mr. Gordon Dewar, Chief Executive Officer of Edinburgh International Airport, who then led the group around restricted areas in the airport, including the aircraft side, cargo handling areas, and control towers. At Edinburgh International Airport, scanners with 3D technology have already been introduced at security checkpoints in order to remove the 100ml limit on carry-on liquids, and automation technologies called Intelligent Baggage Handling Systems have been introduced for the handling of checked baggage, which was previously done by humans. An 11-acre solar farm has also been in place within Edinburgh Airport site, which can provide 26% of the airport’s energy needs.
Edinburgh International Airport, the UK's sixth busiest airport, serves around 15 million passengers a year and is used by 35 airlines on 152 routes to both domestic and international destinations. Various initiatives are being made at the airport to further increase the number of flights to and from the airport, launch flights to new destinations with various airlines, and to strengthen airport functions.