Meeting with Yusuke Taninaka at Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop (3rd June 2024)

On Monday, 3rd June 2024, Deputy Consul General Minori Ishii visited the Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop (ESW) to meet with Yusuke Taninaka, a contemporary artist who is active internationally, and to observe his creative activities at the workshop.
Based in Berlin, Germany, Osaka-born Yusuke Taninaka’s background and main forms of artistic expression are through sculpture and dance. He has been an ESW resident artist through the "Reach Scotland" residency programme and has used this opportunity to experiment with casting in bronze and aluminium whilst incorporating paper moulds to give a unique outcome.

During the visit, Mr Taninaka demonstrated and explained his techniques, specifically in the trial creation of works for two exhibitions in Japan scheduled for the end of the year using bronze and other materials. Deputy Consul General Ishii also discussed future artistic activities with Mr Taninaka and others.
Towada Art Center, Yusuke Taninaka Exhibition (December 7th, 2024 ~ March 23rd, 2025)

Nakanoshima Museum of Art, Osaka - Osaka Directory 8, Yusuke Taninaka Exhibition (December 21st, 2024 ~ January 19th, 2025)