Attendance of Mugenkyo's 30th anniversary concert (9th June 2024)

Taiko drumming group Mugenkyo based in the outskirts of Glasgow are holding a commemoration tour to celebrate the 30-year anniversary of their founding.

On June 9th, Consul General Fujiwara and his wife attended Mugenkyo’s 30th anniversary concert in Edinburgh. Mugenkyo was started after founders Neil Mackie and Miyuki Williams experienced traditional taiko drumming in Fukuoka Prefecture. The group has participated in many activities, including a speech at the International World Expo in Dubai in 2021, and a performance during the BBC’s broadcast of the Tokyo Olympics opening ceremony in the same year.

Taiko has long been a symbol of traditional Japanese culture, and has been used in religious festivals, ceremonies, theatre, and battle since the Jōmon period. In the 1950s, “kumidaiko” was created, and featured multiple people playing various drums in an ensemble like Mugenkyo. There are many people devoted to taiko in Scotland, and we treasure this bridge between Scotland and Japan’s culture. We hope the success and promotion of cultural exchanges like taiko drumming will continue in the future.

You can visit the website below for more information on Mugenkyo: