Police Certificate

Police Certificates from the Japanese Police Agency are issued only when requested by certain authorities as required by law. As such, an application may only be made where it has been requested by foreign authorities (e.g. an embassy, immigration agency, etc.); or by an employer when an applicant is required for a position in the UK that involves vulnerable individuals (e.g. Children under 19, individuals with illness or disability and/or elderly individuals).


The application for a Police Certificate must be submitted by the applicant in person at the Consulate General of Japan in Edinburgh. Our opening hours are 09:30 - 12:30 and 14:00 - 16:30, Monday - Friday, except public holidays

Documents required for the application are as follows: 

1. Contact details form* 
2. Application form for Police Certificate*
3. Fingerprint form (supplied by the Japanese police authority)
4. Documents to support your application, which must clearly state why you require a Police Certificate (e.g. a letter from the organisation where you will be employed, the written regulations of the organisation or authority) 
5. Valid passport

*We will ask you to complete form 1.and 2. at the Consulate.

Application procedure:

  1. Please collect a fingerprint form at the Consulate. You can request the form to be posted, provided you supply us with an A4 stamped self-addressed envelope with a 1st class LARGE stamp. Please enclose a note with your contact details and the reason for application.
  2. Please contact your local police station to arrange fingerprinting. They may require an appointment and fees may be applicable. If your local station does not provide this service, please enquire with St Leonards Police Station in Edinburgh. Police telephone number: 101
  3. Please make an appointment with the Consulate for application. For further information please see the following page: Important Notice.
In some cases submission of an apostille may be required by the requesting organisation in place of a fully legalised certificate, as facilitated by the Hague Convention of 5 October 1961 Abolishing the Requirement of Legalisation for Foreign Public Documents (Hague Apostille Convention). Please confirm with the organisation requesting a Police Certificate whether you will require this in advance and be sure to inform us of this requirement when you apply.

All documents will be forwarded to Japan and it will take approximately 2 months to receive your Police Certificate. 


There is no charge for the Police Certificate.

We strongly advise applicants to collect the Certificate in person from the Consulate, as it contains private and confidential information. If you cannot collect the certificate in person, you can arrange for someone to collect it on your behalf. In order to do so, the person collecting the certificate must provide a photo ID (i.e. passport or UK driving licence) and an authorisation letter (any format) signed by the applicant. Alternatively, if you wish to receive the certificate by post, please provide us with a pre-paid Special Delivery envelope. Please note that the Consulate will not accept any responsibility for any problems which may occur during the postal delivery.


Due to the current situation related to the coronavirus pandemic, we have introduced a consular appointment system to maintain social distancing within our premises. Please do not attempt to visit the Consulate for collection without arranging an appointment with us beforehand. For further information please see the following page: Important Notice.

Consular Section
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Tel: 0131 225 4777 (Please press 2 to listen to options in English, and then 2 for the Consular Section)
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