Report: Opening Reception for Japanese performers at the 2019 Edinburgh Festival Fringe (14th August)


On the 14th August, a reception was held at the Dovecot Studios in Edinburgh to introduce the Japanese acts performing in this year’s Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

In addition to the various acts, this interactive event was also attended by representatives from the Fringe Society and The Japan Society of Scotland.
Following an opening address from Consul General Takaoka, The Deputy Chief Executive of the Fringe Society, Lyndsey Jackson gave a short speech.

The reception continued with a toast from the Callum Farquhar of the Japan Society of Scotland, and guests were able to enjoy short performances from members of Tokyo Tap Do! And Zeroko.

This is the first year such a showcase has been organized, and the event was praised by the performers as good opportunity to exchange information and opinions about the Fringe and invaluable opportunity to build future relations.
With this event in mind, we hope this will encourage more performers from Japan to join the fringe next year.

There are still many performers whose performances run until the last day of the fringe, so don’t miss out!

Akiko Okamoto-In Concert

Chisato Mimura- Scored in Silence

Japanese Sweet Wasabi- No Mask Required

KabukiMa- Narukami Thunder God

Markus Guhe- The Shakuhachi Experience

Mio Shudo- Remembering Hiroshima with a Japanese Tea Ceremony

Ollie Horn- Pig in Japan

Sushi Tap Do!- Sushi Tap Show

Yuriko Kotani- Somosomo

Zeroko- Zeroko’s Teatime